Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doe a Deer -- Ride a Pony

Day light come and me wanna go home.  

please mister tally man, tally me banana.

I wish I were a tally man, dude who gets to ride around in a jeep w safari clothes counting bananas and letting people go home, though I'm terrible w numbers and my attention span is that of a gnat w/ indigestion.

 I'm sure tally man has a boss also. Tally man probably has his own song to sing bout going home. 

Ridin in my jeep all day Long! 
Day light come and me wanna go home.  
Countin damn bananas as my crew pick more! 
Day light come and me wanna go home

I tell you, this daily grind can be rough, this journey we find our selves on. There's some poem mantra floating around that is intended to remind us that we should enjoy and respect our lives as they are, not wallow in our pain but acknowledge our riches.

"Don't hate your job because at least you have a job to hate, don't complain about money for at least you have breath to speak your hate. Don't fret the price of gas at least you have a car that needs gas" something like this....I couldn't google it.  DAMN IT! CHRIST!

.....yeah yeah yeah.  How bout. "Don't stop! Keep it moving --- Get your drinks up!"...... Yup Ms J Lo laying it down real good. Who's got problems now?  Not me, jenny from the block has spoken

Its rough everywhere, no matter where you look. Cops, bus drivers, teachers, doctors, window cleaners, choreographers.  We all get 24 hrs a day to live, and no one owns me, every minute is mine. Can I get an amen!  - think I'm gonna turn on some ABBA, those swedes sure looked liked they made the most of their minutes.


  1. Me, too.
    Though that top ABBA guy needs to step away from the eyebrow tweezers, and perhaps loan them to that Right ABBA guy.

  2. I've always been really confused by this Tally Man character....are bananas symbolic of something else?