Friday, June 17, 2011

Ratta tat tat, there goes my cat

I got in a staring competition with a raccoon the other night. Dude totally stared me down from a distance of 50 ft underneath the glow of an alley street lamp

Last month, aaron and I had woken to the sound of a man shooting off 6 rounds into the body of a large raccoon, seems the man's dog was being attacked, unfortunately for the masked bandit, this dog walker was sporting a side arm.  

Pop pop pop!

My intense staring contest had me wondering if this ballsy coon was staring me down to prove a point. "We will not be shaken!". "You and your advanced weaponry think your soo superior, go ahead bad boy, you & your manicured lap dogs, take your best shot".

#1 rule in a stare down is to not look away:  but after a solid 15 seconds I got the hibbies jeebies, decided to turn and leave. Stupid raccoon, go eat garbage, I'll leave you alone.

I should propose the idea to Discovery Channel. "Todd's wild kingdom stare down": A program where I go around and initiate stare down contests with different animals. I could stare at monkeys, dolphins, leopards,elephants and see who breaks first. I'd probably have to be attacked a few times just to keep things interesting,  a big swing of a bear claw or getting a good flipper whipping from Dollie the dolphin.  Erhmmm stunt double por favor, ill be in my trailer making nachos. Salute!



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