Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbows Shooting Out of My Pores

"I'm coming out, I want the world to know".
"Upside down, boy you turn me, inside out and round and round" Diana Ross

Chicago Pride Day Parade is today. The one day a year that I can pull out my white tank top that reads. Just be You in rainbow colors. When I bought the shirt I had my choice of other sayings like Top.  Bottom.  Daddy.  Me being the bashful sort, felt more comfortable with the strong, less personal statement.

I love gay pride day. Everyone is happy, drunk and adorned in glitter. People from all over come, there's babies, dogs, tuna wranglers, clam diggers, pillow biters and knobgobblers.  Everyone is welcome and that message must be clear because everyone shows up

It is so nice to be a part of such a diverse group of people. Drag queens melting in the sun, displays of Sexual Freedom. Parents with signs that support their child. GLBT couples pushing strollers, Politicians sitting on vintage Cadillac convertibles.

I clap my hands bloody for all the participants. I am so thankful that each one of them gets to express themselves in such a positive environment. Music and candy fills the air. What would normally be a sidewalk of people passing by with hardly a hello, turns into a congregation of people embracing and smiling at one another. No eye rolling, no fighting, just people gathering to express the best of what they are, to express what it is that makes them happy.

For Gay Pride, I let my Aaron pick a picture. He love's Dom DeLuise.

Gay straight bi trans questioning...ervry body in the house skip a beat and put your hands together.  
Cheer it loud, say it Proud. Live your Moment with no restraint.


  1. oh my hell, I laughed hysterically over the Ronald McDonald picture. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Happy Pride!

    We don't get ours until September.....

  3. YaY! Happy Pride! And I absolutely L♥VE the last line -- true dat!