Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crack Breaks Mamma's Back

Do rich people like to play the board game Monopoly or is it too redundant for them?

I haven't played Monopoly in years,
 i remember being stuck in a few games of Monopoly where I was just struggling to pay rent to my fellow players, it was absolutely horrible,  round and round the board just trying to get by, hoping to avoid all the pit falls and challenges that get thrown at you.  What a rat race, no wonder I gave the game up, I don't need that pressure in my life.

Speaking of pressure,  Chicago is in it's initial phases of saying goodbye to Summer 2011.   Beaches, grilling and flip flops will all need to be set aside for 8 months while we endure cold, gloomy, unpredictable scattered weather. I'm going to soup my way through these 8 months, gonna take a note from my favorite QVC host David Venable who hosts a terrific show called In the Kitchen w/ David. i'm gonna crock it up and make a chili, potato leak stew, veggie barley and store portion sizes in my freezer for ready to go microwave magic. This winter isn't going to Bring me down!  (choir sings)


  1. Soup is good food.

    And a big bowl can see you through an entire game of Monopoly.

  2. Rich people don't play Monopoly because it's unrealistic... you don't get rich by working your way up society. You get rich because you have a rich mommy or daddy. Duh!

  3. A touch of Autumn in the air here today and I have a big pan of chili on the cooker.