Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacay you Say?

would you all mind me sharing, that today is day #1 of a week long vacation for me?  I'm a lit'l gitty bout the whole situation and the endless possibilities of how I can spend my time. So far it has begun w/ me avoiding a parking ticket by bolting outta of bed in a panic in order to move my Buick for the street cleaning machine. I've calmed down now, thankfully w/ a nice cup of coffee, I think it will take me a few days to get into the Vacay mindset, where my nerves & worries are set to hibernation mode like a bunch of sleepy bears.

Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals, characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing, and lower metabolic rate. Hibernating animals conserve food, especially during winter when food supplies are limited, tapping energy reserves, body fat, at a slow rate. It is the animal's slowed metabolic rate which leads to a reduction in body temperature and not the other way around.  Wikipedia
Yeah!  I think this is the theme of my Vacation----Hibernation!  I'm going to gather and bury a bunch of acorns and nuts, learn how to clean my body using just my tongue and practice a few types of mating calls.   

  • Bwaarrrhhha
  • Chainghah!  Chahaighann!
  • Pyrharraghhalala  Pyrharraghhalala!

I wonder if a gay bear's mating call is different from a straight bear?  I just researched the magical internets and found on Wikipedia that 10% of all male Rams refuse to mate w/ lady Rams and only get busy with other male mates.   hmmmmm   Ram, Bam, Ram, Bam!

Speaking of gay rights and all that JAZZ.......I will be heading off to the Lonestar State later this week, Home of Texas Gov & Presidential Candidate  Rick Perry.  Yee Haw Rick, would love to meet yah, perhaps on a dance floor doing a boot shuffle w/ a pair of shit kickers or sharing a ride on a mechanical bull.  A Boot scoot boogie for the rights of all Americans!