Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gas Needed for Vango

In this world of high price gas & the emphasis on fuel consumption, do you think the days of abduction vans are over? are we going to see more serial killers driving hybrids? I'm not sure these hard fastened criminals have the social concious needed to draw these conclusions.

Aaron and I are still driving our big silver Buick, i wouldn't say it is a gas guzzler, it get 25mpg hwy and probably 19 or 20 city.  i enjoy the ride and the leg room for my 6' 4" frame. I imagine we all make adjustments as society evolves, some people adapt quicker than others and some reach a point and become frozen in time.  I remember hearing a Larry King interview that Katharine Hepburn stopped buying clothes in the late 70's, thats why we'd always see her weaing polyester combinations w/ butterfly collars in her later years. admittedly I could be completely wrong about this, I could find no support.

i wonder what year i will be frozen in time when it comes to fashion and technology adaptation, my goal is to live to 100 so my projected death year is 2075.  so maybe i can look forward to progress till  2060, i think ill have had about enough of all the craziness by then.  Although, my current style of black polypants and v-neck t shirt hasn't changed in 10 years.  My fashion peak have already come and gone.  So sorry Tim Gunn.


  1. I never thought about how the economy must be effecting pedophiles and serial killers!

  2. 6'4"?! You're a talk drink of water, my love!

    Now I'm going to have to have the 'stranger' talk with my kids again. When they see a van, (like the one pictured above) they call it a cho-mo van...aka Child Molester van. Now I'm going to have to print out a photo of a Prius. Damn, this parenting gig NEVER ends!

    I think you're mad fashionable! I hope you do have them freeze you and put on display for all to see!

  3. I can see the story now:

    The man was walking down the street when a Prius pulled silently up alongside and he was tackled and tosses, shoved, bent, turned and twisted into the backseat.

    Kidnapping was so much easier back in the day!

  4. Poor kidnappers.... first kids now have GPS tracking chips in them and now this..... It aint easy being a creeper anymore.