Saturday, August 20, 2011

two and a Half Feet

There was a magic whistler on my bus ride today, one of those hypnotic verbrato whistles, almost felt like i was being seduced by a tropical bird cept it was coming out of the mouth a a 70 year old indian fellow.

I thought it charming as he and i stood on the corner waiting for the bus, but to my surprise he continued to blow his tune while he was comfortably seated inside the bus. At this point his charms fell flat on me, I don't need to be whistled into a trance, i might miss my stop!

i think in general, we need to brush up on our personal space etiquette. i feel like it is coming to the point where i am going to have to wear a tutu around as a reminder of the 2 1/2 ft of space I need from others. whether I'm standing in a line or waiting in an elevator. It alarms me when someone crowds up against me for no reason, my entire focuss is drained into their presence, and gawd help me if i can feel that person's breath, ughh the worst

I'll hold off wearing the tutu for the moment, maybe ill carry a hand fan
instead and just fling my arms back and forth, that should have folks
keeping their distance. happy weekend ya'll, im in the land of texas searching for a mechanical bull that accepts my debit card, gitty up! Yee haw!


  1. Oh holy yes on the personal space issues -- I do the scene from Dirty Dancing ALL the time where Patrick Swayze etches out his dance space and Jennifer Grey's.
    I just don't get WHY anyone would want to be that close to me or anyone for that matter?
    Gives me major anxiety that no amount of meds can help... heh!

  2. Oooh - that would be a great idea, but some people would just push it aside because it's soft and poofy. (no pun intended)

    I think it should be one that's made out of the bristles like the Mary Poppins' chimney sweeps. That should give you a good 2 feet, for sure.

    Chim chimney cha-roo mutha fukkaz!

  3. yeah have you ever noticed how everyone is usually really quiet on public transport (except for children) and also uber submissive too?

  4. Like gman people are usually very quiet on public transport. I think I would have been absolutely fascinated by him! In the meantime, maybe brush the tutu up a bit, just in case ;)