Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Pig Tails & Pony Tails............what other barnyard animals can inspire hair styles?

  • Rooster Hawk
  • Goose Braid
  • Cowlick
  • Beehive
I was in a coffee shop this past weekend picking up some Java when I was greeted by a  Barista lady working her frothy milk technique w/ a steam wand for the guest in front of me. I could tell her skill took time so I used this as an opportunity give my bladder a break by using the public toilet.  Upon entry I read a sign that was hung directly above the toilet paper holder:

"Our toilet is cranky....please do not flush foreign objects ie. lady products.  p.s.  a courtesy flush is a appreciated."

Courtesy Flush!?  I was confused by this, since when did flushing become a courtesy? A quick skip to Urban Dictionary gave me my answer.

Courtesy Flush:
A flush in the middle of the toilet-sitting process in order to reduce the aroma...usually performed on a "foreign throne" as a courtesy to the owner of said throne... in other words, to be polite and not stink up the host's crapper too much.
"I gave a courtesy flush at the Smith's party because I didn't want to kill the next person to use the bathroom"
by peafarter Jan 4, 2003  via Urban Dictionary

As a self professed people pleaser,  I am thrilled to have a new method to show courtesy to my fellow man, unfortunately it means I'll be walking around w/ a soggy backside from all the back flush. Gotta love Life & it's many valuable lessons, glad my eyes were open for this one.


  1. I used to live in an apartment with dreadful plumbing and the courtesy flush was a must. Unless you wanted the bathroom to turn into a lake stocked with brown trout...

  2. I've actually done that!
    And now I have a name for it!

    Miss Manners? Eat your heart out.

  3. Haha, never heard of that before.

    I think I'd prefer to wait until I got home if I thought a courtesy flush might be in order and Id definitely prefer others to do their business in their own homes rather than mine or in a public loo.