Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. Clean my Toilet

is it wrong of me that I find Joel Olsteen attractive? The soothing voice and Kirk Cameron hairstyle, I can't help myself.  He is currently in Chicago preaching to a sold out crowd at US Cellular Field.....that's 45 thousand peeps Yo!

Aaron and I are starting a new bathroom project, it involves filing down the grout between each tile and replacing it w/ fresh clean white grout. According to directions, drying times and a proper seal should be completed in just 6 days, during this time we are not allowed to take a shower, only baths.  Yeah.......6 days of taking a bath, how quaint will that be, getting up each morning to draw myself a warm tub of water, I might as well light some candles, turn on some soothing music and begin a cuticle treatment.

in all fairness, it is a project that needs to be done in order to keep things looking fresh and neat.  Aaron and I have basically accepted the fact that due to the sour US economy and the value of our place dropping into oblivion, our dreams of puddle jumping to our gold plated love nest in a downtown high-rise has now halted to our current situation, a 900 sq ft 2nd floor condo w/ creaky floors and a single toilet;  no tennis court, no black and white checkered foyer, no spiral staircase.  so with this realization we have agreed to make the best of our situation and make things shiny & bright.

Our project began at the hardware store where we purchased a blue bucket, some brilliant white grout powder, grout saw, rubber gloves and a putty knife. Thanks to internet video, we've had a You Tube consultation from a nice young fella who has taken us through each step of the process.  I absolutely love the internet for instances like this. There was a time when I craved stove top popcorn and had no idea how to get it done, a quick google search led me to a clever lady who took me step by step through the stove top pop corn popping process, it changed my life, I've never popped a microwave bag since. I feel like I need to give back, I think I will make it my goal to share a 'how to do it' video to the world in the the next few months............ possible ideas :

  • taking off your socks w/ no hands
  • parallel parking while eating a snow cone
  • getting a bartenders attention
  • picking up dog poo in the dark

call it my own lit'l Oprah moment.  Wish me luck on this bathroom project, my goal is to get through it w/o a global meltdown between Aaron and are these moments when our relationship is truly tested.  Pray for me Joel Osteen!


  1. well... hope your bathroom is looking "fresh and neat" :)

  2. Six days of drawing a bath!
    I miss the 19th century.

    I'll look at any of your helpful hints on YouTube, except for the dog poo. I have Carlos for that, and we have a house rule, well, I made it a house rule: I take care of what goes into our pets, and he takes care of what comes out.
    Works for me.

  3. I have a secet liking for Martin Clunes, can't explain it, don't really talk about it ....

  4. Good effing luck. Grouting and tiling almost ruined my marriage. The jury is still out on that one, actually. hahah

  5. It figures that he would be at Sox Stadium.

  6. Grout work! Noe that sounds like a lot of fun. Can I join ya! And you know It may be more easy to just strip, go outside, and hose each other down!!!!!