Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cracked Grillz

A buddy of mine was telling me how he prefers women with a bo jankity smile, slightly snaggle toothed w/ a lit'l grit to the grin. 

There was a day when this was a non issue, people of the past didn't give a corn cob smile a second glance, hell George Washington, America's first president wore teeth made of wood!

Now days we are wired up, laser beamed white w/Veneers that make us all look like Carol Channing. I saw a lit'l ole tan lady of 75 years walk by me with a set of beaming white chompers. I'm thinking she could've done ten pull ups with those things.

It was one thing when we all started to shop at The Gap and wear the same clothes, but coordinating our bodies to look like one another is going to a whole new level. Individuality is sexy people, embrace your charms. If you've got a limp, werk that limp. Gotta hump? Avoid back spins and sleep on your side.


  1. As long as they aren't surgically altering their bodies for superficial reasons I'm usually ok with everything else.

  2. As a completely perfect person, I find the concept of flaws offensive.

  3. I admire people who value their individuality and express it in style. I, for one, tend to follow the trends rather than make my own.

  4. Indeed!!!!

    *walks away shaking her imperfect tookus*