Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pee Pee in your Cup

 I were a body of water I think I could most relate to a puddle, not a lot of of waves in a puddle, not a lot of drama, however people like to jump on puddles, so that's not good. Puddles also dry up and disappear...  so, I'm thinkin not a good ambition. 

I think if I were a body of water I would be a bird bath, but a well maintained bird bath, filled w/  Evian and maybe one of the cherub angels peeing into the mouth of a koi fish.  Yeah!  That's me!

I heading to an outdoor concert venue call Ravinia today, features high brown symphonies and other sophisticated sytlings.  Today I will be seeing Rufus Wainwright along w/ the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  It's currently raining but my weather pal Tom Skilling has said it will be clear skies and sunny this afternoon.  Here's to hoping he is correct, have a good Sunday Ya'lls


  1. I love the idea of an Evian filled bird bath with the peeing cherubs. Faboosh!

    I'm jealous-sounds like you have a great day mapped out. I'm doing laundry. So glam!