Friday, August 5, 2011

Farrah Jacqua all Trades

Taking out the garbage in my household is completely embarrassing, with all the btls banging and clanking, you'd think I was standing on an island playing a Calypso

With Aaron's adverse reaction to anything plastic, most items we buy and consume come in glass packaging, we could give the whole recycling effort a solid swing, however, Aaron and I do not have an active recycling program in our domestic living situation, sure it's offered and we could drive our bag of btls up the block but we don't, the only btls I drive around in a car are filled w/ beer suds, chilled and ready to be cracked open.

Did you know that there is an area of the ocean the size of texas that is a floating mass of consumer garbage, debris & plastic btls? Its called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Located smack dab between japan and California, a few hundred miles from Hawaii.

Hula girls shaking their hips to a backdrop of Aquafina Btls sparkling in the sun, not the Fantasy island setting I was promised as a kid. 

Btw the way.....though nice and all, but why did Mr Fantasy Island make the smallest guy climb the  ladder to look for the in coming planes? although, who am I to judge, that lit'l midge did a pretty good job, spotting evry plane and keeping up w/ Mr Fantasy's narcissistic demand of dressing in matching outfits, with all that coconut and pineapple juice flying around, I would have had one hell of a time keeping that white suit clean.   



  1. They were a suspicious pairing those two, pre Wham and Miami Vice.

  2. I always thought there was a little sumpin high and low goin' on there.

  3. On a fantasy island, you either have no midgets, or a ton of midgets. These are acceptable. If you have only one midget... well, I think Bob covered it.

  4. You can't fully understand embarrassment until you've been caught standing in the wheelie bin holding a bag of cat shit ;)

  5. it's not just the pairing that makes weird, it's the look they always have on their faces.

  6. Weirdly, I find the couple to be very compatible. Cute.