Saturday, August 27, 2011

These Summer Dog Days

I want to work in a brewery putting on bottle caps just like Laverne & Shirley.

Summer is coming to a fast close, my hoodie's are starting to inch their way closer and closer to the front of my closet.  Aaron and i have a quiet weekend planned, maybe some light yard work and playtime with our dogs samson & baxter.

Our friend Jillian is moving away on sunday to a far off place.  It will be sad to see her leave.  I'm afraid with the combination of emotions, our farewell gathering will resemble more like a laying of the hands ceremony.  We love Miss Jills


Btw I'm writing this on a train sitting next to a fella listening to a comedy album on his head phones....can i tell you how awkward it is sitting next to a silent chuckler, omg. So creepy,  i feel like a character in a horror movie. Trapped in a train surrounded by commuting zombies, who in an instant will come for my brainz

Enjoy the weekend ya'll.  peace love and a lit'l sugar.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don't want summer to end! You have a good weekend to with your party for Miss Jills. Carry to hanky honey. I just finishing up all my hurricane fixins. We are going to be getting it hard tonight and tommorrow! Oh the poor casa.....

  2. Oh dear, that would probably be me sitting next to you on the train. Except I would be reading a book and laughing hysterically. (or crying my eyes out, whatever the case may be)

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  4. At least hes not listening to something really sad.... a silent weeper is worse!