Saturday, August 6, 2011

My own Private Manilow

"Wherever your driving, whenever your bound......State Farm is There"  Jingle 1971

"I am stuck on a Band Aid Brand cause Band Aid's are stuck on Me" Jingle 1976

"Her name is lola, she was a showgirl,
But that was 30 years ago, when they used to have a show
Now it’s a disco, but not for lola,
Still in dress she used to wear,
Faded feathers in her hair
She sits there so refined,and drinks herself half-blind
She lost her youth and she lost her tony
Now she’s lost her mind"  
Copacabana 1978

Barry kicks Ass when it comes to piano keys and showmanship, I've never been to Cococabana, but after listening to Barry's song, I've gotta go. I actually I have no idea where Cococabana is, so first I'll have to do a google search and download a map, wherever I end up, I bet I could get a nice Colada of some sort, mmmmm..... perhaps Pineapple Coconut or Strawberry Banana. Some frosty tropical drink with a colorful straw, hopefully prepared by a bartender w/ a nice smile & skin the color mocha.......... yes, Ricky Martin is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I once did a tequila shot through a rented snorkel on a beach in Aruba, not one of my prettier moments but certainly a good time. I was with a group of friends playing drunk volleyball against other inebriated passengers from our cruise ship, I think we won, I remember talking a lot of trash to our opponents, surprised I wasn't chopped up and fed to monkeys.

if I ever happen to stumble across Barry Manilow at a beach, I'd first comment how nice his skin looks and offer to help him reapply his sunscreen, but then hopefully I could steer the conversation to his song writing and ask him about his inspiration and passion for music. I think his Jingle career is amazing and my suggestion to him would be to lead a new Jingle movement, some of today's major brands are leaning just on logo alone.  Barry being a pop piano icon and a Jingle Rainmaker, is the man to lead this campaign.......Please BARRY! How bout whipping up a cute Jingle for GOOGLE, I'll write the words, I'll write the words.

Google me, google you, google a tree, google is true
Giggle google giggle google search your pants off

Google, the engine of our lives

Got the google grumbles? Google this

I'm sure he could work with one of these ideas and make it a screaming success. DO IT MANILOW!


  1. Awww love me some Barry...

  2. The very first concert Tom ever took me to was Barry Manalow in 1976. He did a medley of all his jingles, and we were so surprised that we knew all of them.