Friday, August 19, 2011

Fool Yanking My Chain Gang

I think in this time of National distress and the world at the brink of a global recession, today's leaders need to unite us w/ universal messages like Free iTunes Friday or Hands Across America Part II.  Something!

Back in High-school, whenever someone was running for class president they would pass out brownies and talk up all the benefits that would come w/ their successful election.  Today it seems we vote from a negative motivation, we vote against people rather than for people.  For instance, lets say I absolutely could not tolerate people who eat their eggs sunny-side up, I felt like their actions should be stopped and outlawed.  I would seek out a candidate who felt the same as I, and would do everything possible to get them elected.  No concern whether my opinion was good for the nation or even of sound mind, just that I felt a runny egg had no part in the daily life of me or anyone else.......  for the record, I love a loose yoke.

I think the political climate would be more tolerant and accepting if the individuals involved came out and offered me positive ideas and suggestions:

  • the use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Zen Garden Parks
  • backing up my music library
  • a Willie Nelson Fire Side Chat
  • Eliminate Tall, Grande & Venti....... Small, Med & Large works fine!

The election season is just getting started and I am already feeling exhausted w/ the games and shenanigans.  The older I get, the more evident it appears that it is all a political charade of motions that serve hidden agendas.  Well it seems the chickens have come home to roost, as they say;  our global economy is shaking like a knobby kneed tightrope walker. 

I'm serious about Hands Across American Part II.  I would step right in line once it made its way through Chicago, of course I 'd probably disinfect my hands afterwards.  In fact, I would probably encourage all of us to wear rubber gloves, but the spirit would be the same.  That community closeness we need to cultivate, just w/o the germs and bed bugs.  Ohhh lord help us.


  1. I think Hands Across America To Slap The GOP Candidates might be nice?

  2. I think the "knobby kneed tight roper" comment is GENIUS.

  3. This is so true. We really do vote against a candidate rather than FOR one.

    For the record, I'm voting for Todd Carr. :) Because the whole Tall, Grande & Venti bothers me.

    AND Willie Nelson via the campfire=dream come true!