Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teach Me the Neutron Dance

As a Pointer Sisters tribute, I think it would be pretty neat if someone started a rival group called The Staring Sisters.

I've posted in the past the need for a gimmick or signature to set yourself apart from the mad mad world we all walk on but I also feel that an arch rival or enemy could also help define the character or presence we wish to exude.

He Man: gym daddy geek homo w/o his Skeletor

Bert: a bathhouse closet case w/o his dope smoking boy pal  Ernie

Bo & Luke Duke:  just a couple of Matthew McConaughey's banging drums w/o their Boss Hog

Other Notable Sistah Villians:

  • Britney & Christina
  • Prince & Michael Jackson
  • Jesus & Devil
  • Anderson Cooper & Ryan Seacrest

Do you think Mother Theresa had an arch rival? someone who motivated her achievements, way back when she was known as lit'l girl Terri, the girl who'd cover the streets of Calcutta w/ chalk markings of hop scotch games?  If so.......lit'l girl Terri sure showed that bitch.

I think I could benefit with having an arch rival, someone that compliments yet terrorizes my own personal style. I may need to take out an ad for someone to rival this ass of mine.

One arch rival, basically a wise ass, sarcastic aimless wanderer to bust my chops on a daily basis. Must have good manners, a wicked back hand comment & willing to settle arguments w/ an arm wrestling tournament. 


  1. Ok but only if no one else applies.

  2. Except for that whole arm wrestling thing--I bruise easily and am afraid my wrists would snap like twigs--I would be a good arch rival.

  3. I'm up for the arm wrestling ;)

  4. 1. The Pointer Sisters was the only other cassette I wore out, Thriller being the first, of course.

    2. I have an arch-rival. We love to hate each other. Is that normal? I don't know.. but that's how she blows..... everyone.