Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Many Faces of Potato Head

Do you think Wonder Woman had cellulite? If not, do you think it was her super powers preventing the dimples or just good genes? 

Hair, hand, face or body model.......I need to find and identify a body part to capture and make money w/, it's too bad I can't get a good shot of my wise ass.

I'm assuming a full head to toe runway model makes the most money, since they are a collection of all desirable body parts on ONE body.  Wow, what an amazing coincidence for one human to posses. Besides my wise ass, I'm thinkin my path to body modeling would have to be cultivated w/ my collar bone, not sure if there is much demand but hell, why not.  How much do you think I would get if it was determined I had a beautiful collar bone? 

Todd the Collar Bone Model:

  • Macho Chains
  • Hickey Remover
  • Tank Tops
  • Vampire Porn

There must be someone walking this planet w/ the best ass in the world, sure, this person my have a jacked up face, but put them in a pair of bicycle shorts and they start calling all the shots.  I sincerely hope they know who they are. I'd take orders from Best Ass in the World:

Best Ass:

Todd, paint my house!


Sure thing Best Ass! Paint w/ the grain is my game!

Best Ass:

Todd, take my friend Rhonda shopping, girl needs a new body shaper.


Super, will do Best Ass!  Presto Chango Muffin top a Go Go!

I'm pretty sure I don't have the best ass in the world, but maybe I'm onto something w/ my collar bone fantasy.  I could coin myself King Collar bone, I couldn't imagine someone else trying to steal that thunder. I'd start a convention and invite all the other best body parts of the world to a symposium of sorts where we would attempt peace for all mankind. I'd foster an 'all is equal' environment, I wouldn't want Best Ass be to envious of Best Face, can't be having Best Chest take over.  Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes all will get equal billing.  

NO Prima Donnas allowed!  


  1. We all have parts of ourselves that we like best.

    I'm particular fond of a dime-sized space on the back of my right calf.

    Sadly, it won't earn me any income.

  2. Now I'm going to spend the whole day imagining what the best ass in the world would look like.

    There goes my work day.