Monday, August 29, 2011

Coo Coo Couture

I think the person who came up with the coconut bra should not only be commended on form and function but also for a quality sense of humor.

I'm glad coconuts aren't shaped like banana's, otherwise all us dude's would certainly have worn a coconut cod piece at some point in our lives,  coconut splinters are probably tough to remove from a wang.

While I'm on the subject of my nether regions, I want to throw out a nugget of confusion I've had for many years.

I'm not a boxters guy, me and my tally man like to keep it close so i opt for a tighty whitie low rise brief. What has me puzzled is the lit'l bunny foo foo chute that all briefs come with, that easy access sleeve.  Whenever i've used this feature my mc lit'l squirt finds itself fighting for it's life against a Calvin Klein choke hold.  I Say, No thank you!  

whenever the urge to unleash the beast comes, I prefer lit'l me to hop over the waist band like an equestrian stallon w/ it's long flowing mane flapping in the wind. 

A spot of Potty talk to start the week.  Happy Monday ya'll, here's to a magical and wonderful week.    


  1. I think that even with SCHLONG shaped coconuts, we wouldn't be wearing them... because as it is, you never see a dude wearing a plantain skin, or a hollowed out summer squash.

  2. Ahh Todd, all that was missing from this post was an actual visual of "an equestrian stallion w/ it's long flowing mane"... now that would have been one for the record books! Hilarious buddy!

  3. I hang it over the side, too.
    That little hole is just too little...not to brag or anything. =/