Monday, August 1, 2011

Mani Presto

Is it just me or do you need to be a deranged psychopath in order to write a manifesto?

Do nice people ever write manifestos? I think this could be a good litmus test to determine someones state of mind. If anywhere on the front page of the 1500 page document it says Manifesto, then call the cops, you've got a live one on the line.

I think if I'm ever motivated to write a run down of the way things should be, I'd scrap the whole Manifesto title & create a new word and call my writing something more inviting like A Salutation or Jaralinguistical Scriptus...Tale of Vigor.

My manifesto would be no where near 1500 pages, I was always the last minute Nancy staying up real late the night before a paper was due, looking for ways to make it longer, double spacing, adding big pictures. My manifesto would probably be 8 pages including the glossary.

Todd's Manifesto

Chill out evr'y one. Buy some good socks, invest in a good bed and clean your sheets on a weekly basis. When given the chance run your fingers through a jar of jelly beans and make sure to build a fire and pick fresh flowers at least once a year. Learn how to make preserves and introduce a child to a hobby. At the end of each day, crack open your favorite beverage, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you for 10 minutes.

How come these manifestos aren't posted on the front page of the local paper? For realz, I'm thinking the jelly bean thang could really work, how could anyone yell or hold resentment while elbow deep in a jar of jellybeans?................ its just impossible.


  1. that fuking clown X(

    ...fuck clowns

  2. I hate clowns - especially ones that look like they want to molest me.

  3. Sign me up for your manifesto. I'll follow along, and, if I may, would like to add 'find a passion that makes you sing and wing and laugh.'

  4. The Manifestos out there are never on the front page because someone else runs the world. Can you imagine what it would be like if we did? I'm laughing right now.