Monday, September 5, 2011

Werk, Werk, Werk

Well Good, Gosh, Golly Moses, I won myself an award.  You better be certain I am going to print this up and put it on the fridge.  Thanks to Fudge, the Miss Sarah Mac.   The wonderfully expressive and gifted blogger of 'People Don't Eat Enough Fudge' 

I think I will use this moment to deliver my Hollywood Oscar's speech that I've been honing for the past 30 years.  Strike up the Band!  I need some back ground music:

One life I'm gonna live it up
I'm takin' flight I said I'll never get enough
Stand tall I'm young and kinda proud
I'm on top as long as the music's loud

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You've got another thing comin'
'Judas Priest 1982'

uhh, ummmm.  I wasn't expecting this so I have nothing written down. There are so many people who have influenced my life along the way that deserve credit for this award.  I must start with my parents, Alan and Melissa, a terrific couple who have raised this wise ass of mine for 35 years, god bless their dear hearts.  There are my brothers and my sister who agree to take Christmas photos w/ me and my Life Love Aaron, who absorbs my daily musings and gives me feedback, thank you honey.  To all my dear friends whose verbage and sayings undoubtedly make their ways into into my blogs...... Thank you! Thank you, Thank You!  (enters man to mop up tear puddle)

Now for the Award Rules:
1) Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.

Todd'isms you may not have Known:

1. I am a 10 year vegetarian

2. I have worn the same style of pant for a Decade

3. I have been puttin dog poo into plastic sandwich bags for 14 years

4. I'm sensitive to direct eye contact......please be passive aggressive w/ me

5. I'm a pretty good 2 beer Karaoke singer, even better 5 beer bowler

6.  If Elton were to walk through my door, I would fall to the ground weeping.

7.  Being a tall man of 6 ft 4 inches, I am often called 'Chief''  I absolutely cringe at this.  Kareem Abdul Jabbar is 'The Chief'  not me! His sky hook shot is outta this world, let him keep this title!

This was fun, thanks to all for partaking in my blogging journey.  It has been a great outlet for me as I fight off my mid-life crisis.  If I had the money I would be driving a Corvette by now but unfortunately my salary only nets a Public Transit card.

Now for my 15 shiny bright bloggers, in no particular order of course:

Congrats to these winners, I follow each of them as any good stalker would.  kisses and smootches to all.  

Happy Labor Day Folks!  Don't lift a finger today, Just Relax!


  1. That was brilliant. God, I want you to write an acceptance speech for me when I win an award. deal? deal.

  2. Aww shucks...
    *kicks dirts*

    You are too kind!


  3. Now I wish I'd made an acceptance speech :)

  4. How very kind,

    Good to see all that beer wasn't a total waste!!!

    Thanks Todd!

  5. Oh award?

    And me, without a gown to match my bag!

    Thanks, Todd, and i'll see what i can come up with!

  6. Congrats on the award (and thanks for the shout-out!)! I haven't queued up any Judas Priest on the old iPod in a while and they're sounding pretty damn good right now. Cheers!

  7. Love it! I am a terrific 5-beer karaoke singer and an absolutely terrible 2-beer bowler. Thanks for the shout-out!

  8. Congrats it's a well deserved award and thanks aswell but No.3.....why?