Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fly me to the moon

Are moon bound astronauts required to use GPS or could they just grab the wheel and aim for that big glowing white orb in the sky?  Seems easy enough to me, I don't think I'd get lost.  Point and shoot baby!

The last couple of nights I've noticed a big bright full white moon in the sky, absolutely stunning. On my walks w/ the dogs, I have found my self stopping to look up and stare. I must be part wolf or coyote, the temptation to fall into a trance is tough to fight off.

If I were a cave man, I think I would have thought a full moon was the eye of god staring down at me, it's such an ominous sight. I wonder how my personality would have been different during cave man days, what would I have done for amusement?  I imagine my love for Sunday brunch would be off the table. Do you think I'd be expected to help kill the buffalo even though I'm a vegetarian?

Yes, the world is getting smaller. The moon is much closer & my Cave Man body hair has dwindled down to cute lit'l patches found between my legs & nipples.  I'm glad the world is getting smaller but I think as this happens, we better damn well be prepared to open our minds a bit.  Lots of different perspectives floating around; this is not the time to start pissing contests with one another, it will only add to the funky stench in the air.

laughter joy and tears.


  1. It would be nice that, as the world shrinks, our minds expand.
    Wouldn't it?

  2. .....but where will we go, there's too many of us.

  3. I think about my cave-lady self too. Would I have survived to age 36? Or maybe in that alternate universe where the same stuff happens but in a different time, I would have died from the broken arm I got at age nine...or maybe not survived child birth, OR maybe I'd have invented Sunday brunch...hmmmm.

  4. If I were an astronaut I'd be freaking out that I was on the moon and not care how I navigated myself around.

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