Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Judgement Slap

It took me awhile to absorb the moment but soon after it happened, I realized that my 2 male Yorkshire terriers were victims of gay bashing.

Aaron and I walked Samson and Baxter to the store the other night. Our cupboards were dry, and when I say cupboards I really mean glasses. 

While Aaron went inside to grab a few items, me and the hairy beasts politely enjoyed the scenery and passerby's. Everyone we spoke with seemed to be cheery & complimenting of the dogs. I did my best to make eye contact, saying thank was the least I could do.

After a while, wanders a couple of ladies, who stop to exchange words.  Not sure why Baxter chose this moment to perform the Ass Tango w/ his brother Samson, but he did.  Lady Perp saw this and immediately said that the two needed to take that behavior inside, as conversation unfolded and it was revealed that both my puppies were boys, she raised her finger pointing at my 4 year old Baxter and said:

"ohh no, 2 boys! that's bad, you stop that!"

Sure, this is a subtle bashing but one that did not go unnoticed by me. If I was a vindictive sort, I'd would have followed her home, got her address and signed her up for the dildo of the month club. 

Honey, you and your oppressed beaver quarters don't need to be broadcasting a public sex message. Step back for I attack!  


  1. I've got dogs from the same litter that do this, I'm ashamed.

  2. Your puppies are adorable!

    I'm so proud of them.

  3. I would have calmly looked her in the face and said, "They learned this from their two daddies."

  4. Bob, that is perfect. - I would have said something along the lines of... amazing what animals find natural isn't it? and then started babbling on about how my boyfriend always gets embarrassed when the dogs behave in a way they find perfectly natural...

  5. Ha ha, no doubt had it been a male and a female dog having a quickie in front of her she would have patted him on the head and shared a cigarette with him after?

  6. I bet that judgemental bitch watches gay porn late at night and diddles her oppressed beaver quarters ... just sayin!