Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ruby Crusted Moon Boots

If Michael Jackson's spirit would enter my body, do you think he could turn my lanky limbs into a Dancing machine?

Like most Friday nights when Aaron is outta town, I inevitably find myself digging through my favorite YouTube videos, 1st Stop........my diva tracks.

Fantasia, Christina, Judy & Adele

I love to watch their emotional power and how they express themselves w/ their vocal talent. 

Inevitably my video hunt brings me to a Michael Jackson live performance, a perfectly rehearsed performance under the spotlight of a live,  make no mistake camera angle. 


His movement is addictive, when I watch him I can't help but get up and try it myself.........Yeah, its not pretty. My Jimmy Crack Corn body type has a difficult time capturing that Jackson flavor, The Man in My Mirror pretty much just stands there and gives me  the 'Wrap it Up' sign.

I'm not sure the spirit of Michael Jackson could do much of anything with my body, perhaps with his drive and gumption he could at least get me a crowd of 15 on a downtown Chicago street corner collecting enough bucket change to buy a few beers for my friends.

So Michael, if your listening. If it isn't too much to ask, could you please possess me one of these Friday nights, and give me a dance lesson? Currently my Moonwalk resembles more of a Sleep walk................................it could use a lit'l boost.

Eeeee Heeee.... Don't stop till you get enough!


  1. We do our best work in front of mirrors, I do a mean Billie Jean.

  2. "Jimmy Crack Corn"

    Love it.

    I'd try a dance move or two but I'm afraid I'd bust a hip and I can't find my Life Alert bracelet.

    "911. What's your emergency?"

    "I moonwalked and I can't get up."

  3. If MJ would inhabit your body - I am sure he would make it dance like it has never danced before - and no small Birdie hip swing either - a full blown, crotch grabbing, fantastic spectacular for all to witness and remember in old age that they saw God once in the legs of Todd Carr.

  4. Thanks for the update! Followed!

  5. Michael actually did inhabit my body once recently...... but both the court and the Roosevelt Elementary School principal wont legally allow me to comment further....

  6. I'm going to conjure up a voodoo spell so Michael can take over your bod!

  7. My inner diva sounds a little like Rufus Wainwright, and a lot like Tom Waits.

    If MJ possessed me, I'd probably organize the biggest flashmob ever. Youtube here I come.