Monday, September 19, 2011

Heads up

I've realized recently that despite having little to no hair on my head, I still require a good shampoo head scrub.

I've been getting these head pimples along my hair line. I supposed I've always dealt with them but now that I sport a bald Mr Clean look, my head acne is on public display. Aaron swears its because I don't clean my head razor enough, says I should use the little brush that it came with and clean out the bits of hair from the razor teeth.

First of all:  I have no idea where that damn little brush is, we bought the razor 5 years ago.  

Second: adding another step to my 5 min head shave process would be too much, I don't have this kind of time in my day, the five seconds I spend blowing off the hairs w/ my mouth is fine.  

I have read that oil comes from the base of the hair follicle and travels down the hair shaft. Since I have zero hair, I figure the oil flows directly from the follicle to my head, shoulders, knees & toes.......knees & toes. To prevent myself from walking around looking like a grease pit, I envision wearing a head sized cotton ball just to keep me all neat and tidy.

While on the subject, I think those bald dudes with the super shiny wax heads are a bit overdone. The 'wax on wax off' method needs to be toned down a tad, just a couple of pats w/ a powder puff will do.


  1. I suggest swaddling your head in a turban for most of the day--think Norma Desmond--and that may end that nasty oil drippage.
    Plus, you'd look stunning.

  2. You could always try the biker look and put a kerchief on your head... but you may end up looking more like Aunt Jemima.

  3. Bob's got a pretty solid plan. Who wouldn't like to look like a genie? Barring that, you could always buy those grease-sponge face strip thingies in bulk.

  4. I have no hair & happy about it.
    Well... I do have hair growing in & on my ears. Lovely, huh?

    Fun blog, young man!

  5. I known it is sorta pervy, he is a cartoon afterall, but I think Mr. Clean is hot.

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