Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pedal to the metal

Let's keep going

What d'you mean?

 ....Go  [Thelma nods ahead of them towards edge of cliff]

You sure?


Thelma slams her heal down on the accelerator. Sending their convertible Ford T-Bird off the edge of a cliff 

Was this Thelma and Louise's first chat about the whole suicide cliff option or was this one of those insta chats where you just look at someone and know what they are saying?

my gawd, Thelma and Louise must've known each other pretty well if they felt comfortable discussing a suicide pact with just a few words & eye glances. If I had been sitting next to Thelma I would've thrown on Ricky Martins hit 'Shake Your Bon Bon' in hopes of pulling her outta her Sua Funk

I like the idea of eye chatting. I think it is a very intimate and mysterious way to communicate. I have a friend who whenever something serious is happening she says. "look at my face!".


I found this recipe were you surround an Oreo cookie with chocolate chip cookie dough and you bake it


What? That's crazy, are you going to make these?


Todd!? Look at my face! do I not look serious? Of course I'm making em. These are the sh$@t!

I think I will try to order my next Starbucks coffee using my eye chat technique, how hard can it be to say Venti black coffee with a mixture of poetry and a raised eyebrow.


  1. Well, 8/10 times I can order through the drive through by looking at the camera - but I go there damn near every day and visit each day part at least twice a week. This means I am getting my quad grande soy latte sometime twice a day. I like the hallucination that caffeine brings!
    A suicide pact drawn out between looks would probably be a lot more comfortable than a spoken one though...
    1 - let's, together, drive off that cliff right there.
    2 - ummmm, really?
    1 - yeah, that or we're going to Jail and have to talk about sleeping with brad pitt before killing the bastard.
    2 - oh, yeah. We did do that didn't we.
    1 - so let's do it, kill our selves and go out in the blaze of glory.
    2 - but I have a nail appointment tomorrow with that real good Vietnamese girl. You know the one; working off her passage for 2 dollars an hour, probably swinging tricks in the back after hours.
    1 - oh, she is good - do you think she can fit me in?
    2 - probably, let me call her.
    1 - thanks!
    see - it just wouldn't work out.

  2. Hehehe - yeah. I often wished my friends knew how to read my eyebrows - it would have made those moments where I wanted to make fun of someone right in front of their faces WAY easier.

  3. HAHAHAHA @ muffin with a face... great, now I wanta muffin...

  4. I wonder if eye chat and "smize" are the same thing to Tyra Banks? I wonder where she stands?

  5. My eyes generally say "Move along, nothing to see here."

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