Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cellular Love Glove

Why is it I need to spend $30 on a cell phone cover? Can't these cell phone producers add to their development schematic the possibility that I may drop this damn phone every now and then?

Yeah!  I got a new phone, I'm super excited. I've enjoyed tinkering with all the new features and gizmos. I've even attempted to film a vlog, unfortunately it was created on a 3 beer diet, featured me singing and striking runway model poses "Werk, Werk, Werk". I actually posted it for a period of 8 hrs on my page but woke up in a cold sweat and deleted it the next morning while munching down a bowl of granola and yogurt.

I'm completely fascinated with my new phone but you'd think I was transporting rods of plutonium with the firm grip I'm keeping on this thing. I'm in a complete worry panic that I may drop it, been sporting 24/7 kid gloves and have even resorted to laying down a cocktail napkin or coaster when I set the device down. God, I wish I could come back to life as an overprice cellphone, I'd be livin' the Life! 

But seriously, all these Steve Jobs Bill Gates folks need to throw the whole 'Drop a Phone' scenario into their mad techno mind equation. Don't bleed my wallet, just sell me something that is functional, OuTTa the Box for gods sake!!!


  1. My phone makes calls and gets calls, and, I think it takes pictures.
    Anymore than that and my head would explode.

  2. Totally agree..... I have broken my share of cellphones.... What I need now is the unlimited text, unlimited minutes, unlimited drop while drunk protection plan... cause these things are crazy spendy to replace anymore!!

  3. I am with Bob -- my phone does the minimal and I just recently relented and started texting.

    BUT... while without power for almost five days during Hurricane Irene I TOTALLY used my other functions and actually joined the digital age by going ONLINE via my phone -- woa...!
    Now I am hooked and would probably sell my body on the corner to pay for a fancy-dancy new *wicked smot and shit* phone! ;)

  4. Because I love your blog, I've chosen you to receive the Versitile Blogger Award.

    See my post: x

  5. I've always been a simple Susan with such things....
    I am still on my second phone & they have owed me one for a year and a half, I've never been glued to it though, works fine...

    I get your point though. Like in the seventies, when a car radio still was not a standard???


  6. Have had to buy my other half her third mobile in as many months as she is a phone dropper of the greatest skill, it makes me cry and you are so right.