Thursday, September 8, 2011

Man Stallion

If I could be half man half animal, I think I would choose to keep my head and replace my body with a creature torso.

however, walking around with a Tiger head could be pretty rad, tigers have that commanding attractive look. Sporting a tiger head would probably allow me to integrate into society fairly quickly, either as a personal trainer or a courtroom lawyer.

If I were to replace my body, for pure functional purposes, I'd choose the body of a squirrel. The years I've spent watching these critters climb trees, run from dogs & steal birdseed from Grandma's feeder has given me a true appreciation for their talents. My one worry is integrating into society, with a stature that is just a few inches off the ground, conversation w/ humans would be difficult. I'd either have to carry a megaphone or develop a wicked set of charade skills.

An Ostrich body could be pretty fancy, I'd be a hit on the charity & social gala circuit, as long as I kept my feathers nice and tidy...........but Ostrich's seem to have that turkey gobbler leg skin thing going on, I'd be self conscious of that.  I would probably be the first Ostrich on this planet to insist on wearing leg warmers as cover ups, or have an insane addiction to body moisturizing cream.


  1. Babe... you've been into the special brownies again, haven't you? :) lol

  2. The inside of your head is a truly wonderous place :)

  3. See, I would say a lion, but look how Lion-O from Thundercats turned out. He looks ridiculous, and hardly frightening. I say tiger as well.

  4. Wow, the things that cross your mind and end up on your blog.

    Thank goodness for that.

  5. I would have to be a liger because of their skills in magic...

  6. Honey I have thought about the same thing but I was high as a kite! But not that un-intresting a question I have to say.If I had to be a mixed breed, it would have to be the body of a peacock with my head. I just love peacocks. And I just can't escape cock!!!!