Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Meat

Please pardon the smokey spiced meat smell emanating from my clothes. I've been knee deep in Saurkraut, lending my Tommy Tune moves to an Downtown Chicago Oktoberfest.

Fun times, I get to walk around in a hoodie while yapping away into head set about porta potty placement, missing cellphones and sausage innuendo. Its amazing how much of my day is spent talking about weiner, I actually overheard someone ask how deep they should place the sausage in the bun. Ohhhh dear

One more day to go before I return to my normal daily routine. This outta time Okto experience has been good for me, has shook up my day to day while plugging me up from all the soft pretzels and beer cheese I've been guzzling down.

Aaron and I are looking forward to a visit from our Austrian cousin Sophie. She and a male companion name Arman will be joining us early next week. They were so kind to us when we visited them back in April, We look forward to returning the favor by introducing them to all our favorite local hangs. It will be fun showing them our beautiful city.

Wish me luck w my final Okto day, I think the whole lederhoisen look is attractive on the right guy, unfortunately if you'd throw me in a pair, I'd come out looking like a cross between Gargamel and Don Knotts.  not pretty, not very festive.  



  1. Are there pictures of you in Lederhosen? And have a nice final oktoberfest day :)
    See you soon

  2. He with his cat is the real of him...

  3. All that weiner will give you constipation.

  4. Lederhosen?

    Oh, honey.

  5. Too funny. What u didn't blog about the 45 ft weiner? Had fun. Thanks for the beer. Probst! I worked the beer tent at oak park oktoberfest was fun. Ttyl. Glad it's over for u. I want meet your Austrian friends fun!

  6. Well all this talk about buns and wiener is like another day around here! And did someone say big meat?????