Friday, September 9, 2011

Benny's Haha

Why do cowboy boots have heels, is this for function or fashion? Me thinks this a bit prancy for a cowpoke.

I've been winding myself into a stress-ball for the last couple of weeks, I think it it's got to do with the change of seasons. I am terrible w/ change, so when life shifts, my bearings got outta whack for a bit.

I am a man of routine and my pain threshold for change is limited. I noticed recently when I was on vacation, my ability to adapt to new situations was pretty rough. I like to set the mundane processes of my life to autopilot.

For instance:
  • where my morning coffee comes from 
  • where to plug my cell phone 
  • where to for a descent stripper pole

I've heard the moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying, yikes that's bleak. well if it's any consolation,  I learned today that carrying an umbrella in your tote for Four months will finally pay off when you find yourself waiting for a bus in the rain.  Yay! Todd points for me! 

I enjoy learning. School was rough for me because it seemed I was never was on the same page with the daily subject matter, while others were learning about the revolutionary war, I was drawing little ninja warriors on my notebook or doodling a 4 month stained glass design while my 5th grade teacher was telling us about Earth's landmass. Whats strange is, I absolutely love to learn about history and the revolutionary war, I can't get enough of Hitler and those Nazi segments on the History Channel. 

Perhaps I've settled down a bit like my dog Samson. When Samson was younger he used to sass his way through his day, lifting his nose up to anyone. I remember wishing he had a few more years of age on him so he'd just settle down a bit. Well today my well aged Samson has found a cool collected stride of life. When I shout out orders to him,  rather than jump to my attention, he just shifts his ears in my direction waiting to hear if what I have to say is important.

I think my mind has settled, where it's finally able to savor and focus on single subjects and lessons. The next lesson I'm ready to learn is the skill of letting stress just slide off me just like melted butter. I swear, I am so envious of the people out there who can stand in a middle of a tornado and hold a conversation about Hula Hoops and Potato Chips. How do they do that? Are they on some mood drug or have I just missed the 'Good Ship Lolly pop' completely?  

Btw: I have become the worst speller since the invention of auto correct, I still can't spell the word 'thorough' for the life of me.


  1. Heels on cowboy boots keep the foot from sliding forward through the stirrup, where the rider could get hung up and dragged. I'd list that as a function over fashion statement.

  2. Isn't it fun when you thought you knew yourself pretty well and then it changes...even slightly? lol

  3. They need the high heels for height because of the bow legged problems.

  4. I say they wear the heels so they can be the tallest cowpoke on the range.

    And, the higher the heel the closer to god?

  5. cowboy boots need heels so they make that cool yet oh-so-subtle *click-clack-shuffle* sound when ya walk into the saloon...
    so ya have some leverage when aiming for the spittoon.

  6. I tell people I am a bad typist not a bad speller ;)

    I found your blog courtesy of Taryn, and will be following now on. :)

  7. RE: Slimmons - Yes, it is Richard Simmons' aerobic studio in Bev Hills. He teaches there three nights a week. He is a riot!