Monday, September 12, 2011

Stick a pin on me

Don't under estimate a properly placed accessory. I was walking my dog Baxter and seemed to catch the eye of every person walking by, enjoyed a couple of conversations w/ a few of them.  Had I been a solo dude minding my own business I would have never had these encounters. I'm thinking there is something to this.

Without Canine? Try these ideas:
  • tie a balloon to your wrist
  • carry a bouquet of flowers
  • set your ring-tone to a Sade tune

all could be considered olive branches or gestures of openness to your fellow man, folks may think you a bit off your rocker but the second glance they give you may become a conversation worth a lifetime of perspective.

I was reminded recently the importance of embracing those around us, even when it can be difficult and uncomfortable. To ask questions and give each other a chance to respond.

5 days a week I share a train ride amongst hundreds of other people going in the same direction, all with goals, ambitions and mixed up insecurities.  As I was reflecting on the ten year anniversary of 911, I remembered how for that moment, we all were on the same page, grieving and supporting one another.  It is a good feeling to know your community has your back when a crisis hits.  I want that feeling to continue, I want to make myself accessible and available moving forward into the next 10 years.

Maybe I should get one of those blinking buttons that reads:

'available to talk, let's share ideas & fun'

I'd make sure it had a picture of a flower or a bird on it, just to show I was a peaceful sort, I wouldn't want anyone to think I was a FreakAnature.   


  1. Right?! Kids have the same effect as dogs...a magnet for people. Though the balloon idea would probably be MUCH easier!

    I think you should totes get the button!

  2. Great post. I'm usually more of a "drugs not hugs" person, but this time I'll change.

  3. One thing that will not get you the kind of conversations you want...pulling your junk out on the train. I never try to talk to those guys.

  4. I find people always make time to talk to me when I'm holding a firearm.... just sayin.