Friday, September 2, 2011

Drop a Hook & Rap Me Up

There's a dude free-styling on my train and by free-styling I mean a dude shouting out words to the back of my head. He's ranting about god,men & race all laced and peppered with a creative use of swear words. I will say, He did deliver it all in a nice syncopated rhythm, I'll give him that much
"Express yourself
(You've got to make him)
So you can respect yourself
Hey, hey
So if you want it right now, then make him show you how
Express what he's got, oh baby ready or not"  Madonna 1989

I think it is very important for one to share thought and idea, I'm all for it, even when it is some dude honking out rap lyric on a 90 degree human packed train. Sure it was obnoxious and all of us silent folk wished we could just stare into our cell phones in peace but this guy made himself known to all 60 + people on this train. I say good for him! Let it rip. 

Sure the dude made us feel uncomfortable, but isn't it great that he made us feel anything at all? Isn't that why people go to scary movies, amusement parks, & sex parlours?   To feel and test the emotion inside themselves?

There is a good chance my Rap Master P Diddity Flasher
was either crazed or high as a kite but who cares. That uneasiness I was feeling was precious and in some way triggered a strength inside me.

We all need a good shake every now and then, but careful not to shake the babies. They are fragile and break easily...........poor feeble babies.


  1. Can't attest for the sex parlours, but this is probably at least 30% why I like to visit the library.

  2. You cannot find art, art finds you.

    At times when you least expect it.

    Or need it.

    Or want it.

  3. People go to sex parlors to "test the emotions inside them?".... wow!!! I am totally gonna use this with my girl.... Future example "But honey... I was only trying to test my inner emotions with those skanky naked twins!!"

  4. I do have the feeling I'll be shook up this weekend! Have a good one handsome!