Saturday, September 10, 2011

Neck Tattoooz Blueezz

Please don't call me insensitive, but I couldn't resist a double take today when I walked by a blind person with a neck tattoo.

so many questions flooded my mind.  Did he get the tattoo prior to becoming blind or after? Did he pick out the tattoo?  How did this happen? does he have a super great trustworthy friend who can help make some of those difficult neck tattoo decisions that the process requires? 

Like I said earlier, please don't label me insensitive.  I have the highest regard for blind people, whenever I see them on the streets I think of them as superheros and admire their courage as I get out of the way of their swinging stick.

True Story:

I once turned a corner on a Chicago sidewalk right into the line of fire of a blind person's walking stick, it was Me vs. Stick vs Side of a Building. The closest thing to an attack I've experienced since moving to Chicago

If I was blind, I don't think I could trust someone enough to tell me to get a neck tattoo.  I think having the visual sense removed from my consciousness would motivate me to throw the whole concept out the window.  I'd request, a daily look and stick w/ it.  I wouldn't have someone coordinate ties, shirts and socks for me  NO!  I'd have a uniform.  I think I'd be more interested in sound and touch sensation.

I'd probably wear an entire outfit of corduroy just so I could run my fingers over the texture all day long.  My concern wouldn't be what tattoo or what color polo I should sport....I 'd be more focused on the way I deliver sentences, and trying not to use the word "umm" so much. I'd work on those blind people super senses, especially the eavesdropping technique.....that could be useful.

I admire blind people and I hope there is someone out there reading my blog on a braille reader machine. I would enjoy getting a snarky comment from a blind reader who defends the use of tattoos.  I certainly would entertain the argument and do my best to understand their point of view. A back and forth w/ a braille reader machine could be fun, I think I would break the ice and send over an emoticon :)    I assume that would translate easily.


  1. Blind porn..... is hilarious! And come to think of it when reading blind porn.... its probably the perfect time to wear a whole corduroy outfit.

  2. Love that braille. Oh my.

    I think you're right though - there must have been a HUGE level of trust between him and the artist... if he was, in fact, blind when he got that tat. Whoa.

  3. I think I would have said "nice tat", and talked to the person. And then if they had time to talk, I would have found out all about the braille internet!

  4. okay the fact that you have a still from the lionel richie *hello* video just blinded me (heh) from everything else you wrote...

    is it me you're looking for?"

    creepiest video of ALL time!