Thursday, April 28, 2011

The story of Teka Pee & Teka Poo

i have only taught my dogs a few commands. i figure by keeping this lexicon short and sweet we'll have greater success. so i've introduced some favorites like, sit, roll over, treat, and "shut up damnit!"  these words generally get us seeing eye to eye pretty quick.  on walks in the neighborhood I can be overheard saying "chill out Baxter...chill out!"  Baxter has social anxiety issues, he goes ballistic if he sees another dog, even from a distance. the whites of  his eyes turn black and his teeth start to drip blood, its completely embarrassing.  we've got ourselves a reputation up in hur. you'd think Baxter was a leashed version of Moses, people & dogs clear the sidewalk like the parting of the Red Sea when we come their way.  Underneath this crusty shell, Baxter has a real soft spot, even a sense of humor i'd say.  my dog has mastered this fantastic move, not sure where he got the idea to incorporate gymnastics and potty time but he sure nails it.  and EVERYTIME. He is a dedicated artist. When the #2 tango urge comes,  he choses to perform this while balancing on his 2 front paws.  incredible, but that's not all, for that extra touch he adds a helicopter spin, just spins in circles; its the cutest thing. Aaron and i like to call this maneuver his "cirque Deuce Ole"  haha.  our lit'l clown. 

cirque DEUCE Olay!

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