Monday, April 18, 2011

What! there's snow outside?

 My dog samson's harness broke while on our morning walk, since he is a pampered pet and hates the snow/rain/slush,  he decided to use this opportunity to turn around and walk home....crossing the street w/o looking both ways.  This left me to start chasing him and begin yelling "Stop...Stop Samson!".  Yeah....pretty good.

Off to work I go w/ no happy tune to whistle.  I heard Gaga's new track "Judas" over the weekend.  Someone leaked it onto the internet.....religious leaders are all upset....I guess the lyric is through the voice of Mary Magdalene.  Gaga is also wearing latex nun clothes w/ nipple covers of some sort,  that's a good call on Gaga's one should ever see Nun Nipples. 

I'm happy to say that Aaron and I will be attending our 2nd ever Seder this evening w/ friends.  A Jewish tradition held the night before Passover begins.  Our friends manage to pack 18 or so people into their condo and we sit down to a lovely feast....they even offer veggie options.....such nice people.  Scripts are passed out and we all are given an opportunity to read portions of the text.  This consists of religious stories, tales of slavery and lessons to reflect on.  There's no finger one is being cast into hell or shackled & stoned.  Just Aaron and I, drinking our 4 cups of wine each----eating crackers w/ no salt and partaking in some bitter herbs. At some point in the evening all guests are given an opportunity to  announce something they would like to see society do better,  I believe last time I said something about honesty amongst people.......not sure what I'll say this year, I probably should figure this out before I'm sitting there in front of strangers announcing I would like better on-demand features from my cable provider.

so a rough start to my day but hopefully a peaceful end.  Shalom my friends and may the force be with you..........response:   "and also w/ you".

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