Saturday, April 16, 2011

what'd you put in THIS gumbo?

Coffee in my hand and a couple of passed out Yorkies in the other room----Samson & Baxter.  The 2 lit'l hairy beasts that live w/ me and my partner Aaron.  They currently are not allowed to come into the dining room/office due to the brand new area rug we purchased last weekend.  If you're looking for a panic attack just combine dogs and wall to wall carpet----I'm not sure how many times I been on my hands and knees Cinderella style dabbing up potty mistakes.  Samson is a ole salt of 13 years,  he has been w/ me since my college days---where I went, he went......where I slept.....he slept.......what I ingested.....he ingested.  He could probably write a memoir that would rival Keith Richards.  He is kicking pretty good, despite a toothless grin.  I believe he has about 4 teeth left in his mouth.  The day we brought him back from the vet after his numerous extractions his tongue started hanging out, I had no idea this would happen.  I was sad at first because I have this death terror where I'm constantly bracing myself for the inevitable day when he shoots off to dog playtime in the sky.  His hanging tongue reminded me of his age and vulnerability, not to mention his bad hip, but w/ time, the tongue has become a part of his character and it gets him many sympathy points I'm sure----that, and the Glaucoma.....his version of the smokey eye that is so popular these days.  He sounds like a mess, doesn't he?  Despite all of these ailments he has a stubborn no BS personality and always has---he is smart and knows what he likes.  A determined lit'l trigger of a dog.  I'd post a pic but all his photos have those Lazer eyes that all animals seem to have when you photo them.  What's that about?  I'm glad we humans don't have to deal w/ that......can you imagine all of our photographic memories  ie.  graduation/wedding/first communion/santas lap....all w/ Lazer eyes.  We certainly are fortunate in that respect.  Yay--- 1 point for humans!  Adios & Goodbye......  pet your your neighbors dog.....if they bite animal control on their azz!

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  1. They indeed need to invent the "green eye" reduction in photo editing software for the laser eyes - also, I had a dog that lived for nineteen years - got her when I was 0 and had to have her killed when I was nineteen - I still mourn that dog and weep silently whenever I think about her too long.