Thursday, April 21, 2011

penny for your thoughts......can you break a $100?

saying goes "don't sweat the small stuff, and by the way.....its all small stuff"   yeah........I get it.  i completely agree that we as a human collective need to take it down a notch...need to loosen the hot rollers, wear more comfortable shoes...yepsz indeed. personally i need to stop obsessing about the gentleman sitting next to me on my morning commute who insists on leaning his elbow against my arm while coughing and sniffling.  i really just need to stop sweatin it ..Right?...i just need to RELAX!

My head is a cinder block today...Chicago has been offering up concrete skies and cold wet damp air all week----I'm Freezing!! i am feelin doldrum effects FO SHO!.  i need sun, I need sand and I need a racy tan line.  ohh my goodness...yes sirz.  i think i will start putting together my summer beach bag--- items to include: lotion, sunglasses, blanket, small speaker radio playing Brittany's new album Femme Fatale, flip floppers, a water btl & for good measure....... one of those sand umbrella ella ella eh eh's,  I'm terribly pale and have a translucent skin quality---similar to that of a water guppie. My Gawd! this Beach Blanket Bingo talk has got me feeling better; Mr. glooms mcgee is slipping away and in comes slap happy bernie flash pants "zippity doo DAA"   erhmmm?

Speaking of Gawd....Passover is upon us and Easter is this Sunday.  Good Friday is when Jesus was crucified, entombed in a cave and sealed up with a boulder.  Jesus was laid to rest after the humans crucified him for not being loyal to the government & exercising his god given right of free speech---Mr. Government didn't like this----"show me your papers!".  Mr. Government decided it would be best to wipe this guy off the face of the earth and send him to high heaven; without protest Jesus took these lashings, artfully demonstrated by Mel Gibson and his movie "Passion of the Christ".  after Jesus is proven to be dead by stabbing his ribs with a spear, his body was taken by some prominent Jewish Jesus sympathizers Joseph and Nicodemus. They placed the body in a cave, closed off with a boulder & marked it w/ a wax seal to prevent any disruption. The next day Mary Magdalene and a couple of girlfriends came to the tomb carrying herbs n spices to anoint the body but to their surprise, the boulder had been moved and Jesus was gone.......HE GONE!   He has RISEN!  Jesus's time on earth was now over. His time on the earth was now complete--talk bout taking the weight of the world off your shoulders.  We humans put him through the RINGER!....mel gibson certainly drove this point home.

They say "don't sweat the small stuff"  ahhhh.....yeah........ not sure I would've been the one to whisper that into Jesus's ear had I been there that day.  PEACE, PACE & SHOLEM

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  1. Ummm, yes. Hell to the yes, actually. Dark chocolate.