Wednesday, April 20, 2011

is that a dye job?

Easter madness is coming up and I haven't even begun how I will pay honor to this yearly tradition. As a child we would buy pastel colored outfits, dye Easter eggs and gnaw on chocolate bunnies.  I've heard that if you start eating the chocolate bunny from the feet up---Your Gay!  and if you start eating from the ears down---Your Straight.  Doesn't Every One start w/ the ears?

hippity hip hop..skippity flop pop! Cute white fuzzy bunnies with cute pink noses, who wear neck ties and old man glasses.  The Easter bunny is great! Carries baskets of painted eggs nestled in soft plastic multi colored shreds of grass.  Skippity flop...hip hop till you don't stop....."Jump around, Jump around, Jump up Jump up and get down.I'll serve your ass like John MacEnroe, If your steps up, I'm smacking the ho. Word to your moms I came to drop bombs. I got more rhymes than the bible's got psalms, and just like the Prodigal Son I've returned!" House of Pain-

I think I'm gonna focus on the Easter bunny ALL WEEK!  He just makes me feel good!  Kind of like mainlining sugar straight into my veins. A white fluffy friend who symbolizes generosity, friendship and good ole fashion hospitality;  hey ya'all...come try my choc rum balls ya'all....ya'all gonna luv em.

btw have ya'all seen the movie Secretariat...what an inspiring pony.  i was flooding in tears when that horse would run.  Run! pretty pony...RUN!  The theme of the movie was the line "let em run HIS race!"  this becomes the theme for all the characters in the film, particularly a dedicated housewife of a successful lawyer who takes over for her fallen father's horse farm to continue the family horse traditon of  horse first! people second; This sensibility leads her onto a path of owning THE GREATEST HORSE THAT EVER LIVED!!! That horse just loved to could push the horse round the track--shooting off starter ammo by the crate and all it wanted to do was RUN!  It being the one and only Secretariat!

I'm thinkin our beloved Easter Bunny should join forces and deliver his basket of treats while riding Secretariat. what'd yah think?  It would be be double fisting the kleenex, tears flowing from every duct!  Yummy baskets of candy, Cadbury eggs & Lit'l Bunny Foo Foo. I'd wash it all down with some fresh hot coffee..pull together my pastel church clothes and make my way to the local Church, where I'd learn bout a man named jesus, a man who gave up his life for my sins...what a solid!  I'd tip my hat and say "Thanks JC".  quick side note: Dear Jesus---I'm loving the red wine, water to wine is brilliant----makes complete sense---but whiskey,  can you give me a lit'l boost here please----I'll meet you halfway---perhaps turning a pitcher of Crystal Lite into a Kentucky Bourbon---I would love the opportunity to nestle down into my couch w/ a 3 finger pour of Jesus Sour Mash.  Happy Easter Ya' al!

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