Saturday, April 23, 2011

chubbieez bunnieez

If the hit television show Little House on the Prairie were playing ya think we'd all just refer to it as "LHOTP" ?  would we see TMZ reports of cast members throwing down in a Hollywood clurb, strung out, going off on antisemitic tirades.....i mean for sure we would have seen Melissa Gilbert's naughty bits by now....right?.  wow......we've got it soo good these days!  growing up i was a huge fan of "LHOTP"  I swear I watched every episode.  I watched tons and tons of tv.  it was soo good.  i loved watching the Ingalls family. Each day they would wake up---i'm sure they were cold---no heat in that cabin.  Each day they would wake up there would be a new life lesson to learn, a new hardship to conquer, a new way to accessorize their potato sack dresses-----poor girls,  all they needed was one afternoon in an H&M. do you rember Nelly and her dysfunctional family----her hardworking father---the town shopkeeper who sold shoes, twine and latern oil?  He was an honest man who tried to do good by the townspeople but was always sidetracked by his conieving wife who represented greed and dishonesty.  The show's writers really leaned on her to demonstrate the worlds problems, for real.....couldn't they have shared some of that burden w/ the Michael Landon one is that PERFECT.   i think they should redo the show from the perspective of nellys family---A normal yet, faulted & flawed group of people who live next to this Eutopian charade of a family. I want to see camera shots of eye rolling from the townspeople when Michael Landon is seen offering life tips to his daughters while they are chopping/stacking wood for the upcoming winter.... or giggles from passerbys as they witness papa landon teaching bout the circle of life while digging for night crawlers.  yeah...that'd be pretty good.

  i want to share with you a lit'l game i like to play...its called TIME MACHINE!  i'm a super freak for admitting but here it goes. When I'm alone driving my car,  a Big ole Silver Buick LaCrosse---Aaron and I value comfort.  When I'm alone driving my car and the timing is right, i like to sit and pretend i'm from the land of The Prairie,  having just played hop scotch w my pals Laura & Nelly.  With a blink of an eye i pretend that i have just been teleported to this  Buick Lacrosse.  i pretend to freak out!  I even allow myself to drift into another lane as i compose myself and figure out the controls of this ship.  i adjust knobs and begin to marvel at mankind's achievement & technology. i haven't carried this performance out to long, I'm usually distracted by a Rhianna or BlackEyedPea song on the radio.  gimmee some of that BOOM BOOM POW.....BOOM BOOM POW.....people of the wanna get down......lift your HANDS in the air....WILL.I.AM gots the BEAT NOW....dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba.  maybe i should take this game a step further..maybe I should take public transpo....  go downtown, go shopping..take the magical moving stairs and get a fountain soda just by pressing a button.  WOW!    yeah...that could be fun.  i wonder if after awhile start to miss my old world.  start to miss my access to rock candy, taffy and mending my own stockings.  i guess there are areas in this country that continue to live like LHOTP....The Amish..yepz.   perhaps that sect of Mormans...surz. it's nice to know we in America.....have options.  Peace, Lurve & lip smackin!

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