Friday, April 29, 2011

I beg your Parton! Give me my Dolly!

"It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it outta sight
Hit it" Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

"i'm a people person...i just love people"  WHAT!  i don't understand this expression, i honestly think that people who use this expression are a whole bunch of liars, or at the very least, disingenuous.  i could probably say that i enjoy people from time to time but to say that i love people and label myself a people person, i wouldn't go that far. mainly because i spend a fair amount of time NOT enjoying people.  people's driving, people kicking the back of my seat, people who sing while listening to their I pod, people who misuse the word irony, people who say "you look tired", people who wear Uggz!!  since i am a human being, i think it is best to associate with other human beings, to enjoy and converse with them but to love ALL of them???.erhhmm  no.  NO!!

 the royal wedding has happened.  they seem pretty cool, but i don't understand Prince's balding issues.  Why? He is super duper cute, access to great health care, gilded mirrors in every room and  HE'S THE FUTURE KING of ENGLAND! dude needs a travolta counseling.  Travolta has this amazing silly putty slap on hair line that looks crazy realz.  Travolta!   ole johnny boy's gotta tight grip on his lid fo sho.


  1. Hahaha - nice!
    Thanks to you, I'll be singing Rob Base all frickin' day now.

  2. I hear you! Yeah Wills should get hair plugs - but if the best money can buy is the state of Elton John's head then there's no hope is there? He's better off shaving his head bald that's quite a hot look!

  3. Hella hot, amazing body. Visit now. :)