Friday, April 15, 2011

Inaugural post

My first posting on my first ever blog----Yeah!   arms in the air w/ a solid fist pump of a Yeah! A total Vicki from Housewives Woo Hoo!  this  feels great, this feels exciting.....I'm exhilarated. I hear trumpets/flutes and firecrackers----women whispering in the corner and men chopping wood in the distance......crickets.....crickets...........  Where the hell am I?  What is this crazy dimension where I talk to myself and reflect thought to a sea/stream/pond/puddle/void of listeners/readers?  Its my blog! its my safe/narcissistic zone where I can let loose, let my hair hang low and keystroke lines of thought and long winding trails of happiness-----did someone just say "trail-way to happiness"   ohh my!!!            I decided to name my blog "no rain on my suede"  not sure why or where that title came from.....perhaps it was channeled from the Ole gay great B.Streisand's   "don't rain on my parade"    hmmmm    perhaps I guess.  I do have a lovely duet album of hers stored on my i tunes----gotta love that Dion/Streisand battle track "tell him", but I say NOT----no as it appears, I am not a faithful Barbara fan---no, not indeed.  As for suede, I don't own a stitch or a sliver---I've got some leather shoes/belts, I love that leather store in EVERY suburban mall where when you cross the threshold you begin ingesting leather nose candy at the rate of 1lb/minute----so wonderful.  (pause)    side note: I am currently looking for a leather tote to carry w/ me on a daily basis--nothing flashy, perhaps something w/ quality hardware and a zipper pull that doesn't tarnish. I believe we all have an ingrained respect for leather and an even greater respect for suede-----one certainly does NOT wear these items in the rain.  We must do all we can to NOT expose these items to moisture----they will RUIN---they will be forever lost---tragedy on the highest.  Anyone remember the movie 'Can't buy me Love' where the daughter RUINS her mother's white leather jacket/skirt combo----such horror.  I must have been a single digit lad when I saw that movie and I KNEW that girl was in a world of hurt when she spilled red wine over her own MOTHER'S leather couture!! gasp!  and in order to see her next Quinceañera she BETTER find a way to fix this wardrobe malfunction.  So!   with an aimless air I have decided to name the Blog 'no rain on my suede' for whatever that means----perhaps a testament to anxiety/fear/fashion victim or maybe just because it had a nice ring/ting to it.  The mission of this blog is undefined but will always travel along a spine of thoughtfulness, respect/humor and community. Good/Bad/Ugly.  Sexy/Normal/Sincere.  Run/D/MC.   I'm told by friends that a daily post is crucial to a successful blog/dialogue and with that thought I will most certainly try; aimless mutterings come pretty easy for me.  Adios & goodbye----smile at children & also the ole people----they love that s%$T.     


  1. I ❤ Cindy Mancini! :)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! Sit down and stay a while!

    Following you back from the I Love My Online Friends hop!

  3. Well I certainly wonder where you went from here - no doubt I will find out more in upcoming weeks. I like the vibe of this post - positive and chatty! Thanks for Rewinding x

  4. Rewinding the Weekend to find your blog. Thanks for joining us all in our weekend wanderings.

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